A Note from Shirley Before Our Session


Hello Dear Client,

Please know that I love and serve my clients.  I am thrilled to capture this moment of your life and I want to help tell your story.  If you have booked an on location mini or hourly session with me,  I value your time and I know you value mine as well.  I understand that emergencies happen and I am reasonable and will consider rescheduling but I usually do not.  I want our session to be fun and stress-free.  Unfortunately I have found that when clients arrive late, it adds tension to the session. It's a photography session, all about expression, and I want you to be happy!  Please do not be upset about my strict policy to start on time.  Please read my On Time Policy as follows.

Shirley Cohen Photo's On-Time Policy: 

  • Please show up early.  Please plan for the time, distance, and the unexpected such as traffic or getting lost. 
  • Session starts with all parties physically at the agreed upon location and on time. 
  • Suggestion:  set a reminder in your calendar with what time you are to depart.  Treat yourself to a coffee and take it to the location, relax a while, breath, walk.  
  • Well in advance, I will text you a reminder with the time and location/address.  
  • You have 24 hours prior to the session to cancel.  If you cancel within 24 hours, no worries.  All is cool.  Thank you for letting me know and not no-showing!  We just may not be a good fit together. 
  • I am not contactable by phone one hour before the session. Really, I turn my phone off.  I'll meet you at the location we agreed upon.
  • I will wait 10 minutes for you to show up at the scheduled time.  After 15 minutes I will cancel the session. Please know I turn off my phone at the location.  
  • I take into consideration personal emergencies and will consider on a case-by-case basis if I will reschedule.
  • If client arrives late but within the 15 minute window, the session will still end at the allotted time.  Please know my policy in advance. 
  • Sessions are non-refundable.  If client is more than 15 minutes late the session will be cancelled and no refund issued. 
  • Please show up early.  My family thanks you.  And I thank you with all of my heart.


 Shirley Cohen