Your Session

Weddings, Senior Portraits, Engagement, Baby bumps, Families, Events, Pets, Real Estate, Landscapes.  I have shot them all over the years, and with much passion and love.  However it has taken me years to define my style, to be specific.  To create my own niche in photography.  It found me.  It's called Day in The Life.  In your life.  In the life of your loved ones.   Your aged parents. Your quickly growing children.  Documentary style, like I'm not even there.  I document your bond, your closeness, your love.  I come into your world for a day and we eat and play together. 

What can you expect from your photo shoot with me?   Memories that are you, now.  Creative, not boring, photojournalistic photos of your life. 

I try to make our time together as relaxing and fun as possible.  I may ask you to...

  • be silly 
  • get crazy
  • lay down
  • jump
  • not look at the camera

Be ready to...

  • have fun
  • laugh a lot
  • be you!

I love natural light and casual, relaxed, "unposed" pictures with expression.  I want to get that special glow, that real expression.   Photos that tell a story.  The story of your life, as unique as you are!  Those old "portrait studio" painfully posed, dull photos are out!  

You can choose from several local spots that are fabulous backdrops for your unique photo session:  how about an urban setting, a field with wildflowers,  a rustic fence, a garden or park area, a wooded area, old barns, historic buildings?  Water you like...lakes, rivers, beaches! My favorite season for photography is autumn...plan for a fall families photo session!   I have lots of suggestions for you.

Let's go have some fun!  Book today!